Sunny Lisboa – project testimony

Sunny Lisboa! relacja naszej wolontariuszki Marii z rocznego pobytu na wolontariacie w Lizbonie!

Tekst w języku angielskim!

Sunny Lisboa – project testimony from our volunteer Marii, she spend the whole year in Lizbon realizing longterm project – Feel the flow in Lisboa!

Volunteering projects are funded by European Solidairty Corps funds. 

Hello, I’m Mari, I’m from Georgia.

I always wanted to live in another country and had the opportunity to experience living in beautiful Poland for two years, after traveling a lot around Poland and not only, I had a feeling that It was time for a new journey, when I started to look for new opportunities there were some options from ESC and I choose Lisbon in the end and I’m not regretting!

I’m super grateful for the FRSP organization, they helped me a lot with details and are always attentive to me. They were always asking how the project was going, how was accommodation, If I was satisfied with my activities, and all the details.

When I arrived in Lisbon, I don’t have had much information about Portugal, Of course, I research a bit before but wow such a beautiful hidden jam. So colorful around, lots of beautiful parks, the ocean near, great coffee, lots of nationalities, every city have totally different vibe, and this list can go on and on, I can say Portugal have such majestic energy which you have to try once a lifetime.

I’ve met lots of amazing people, later on, we’ve become friends and traveled together around Portugal, experienced great events together from National agency, there were other volunteers from around Portugal. At these events, we had very interesting activities such as composting workshop, meditation in the forest, doing Kayak together, some games which helped us explore the cities better and communicate with local people about old traditions.

My project name is „Feel the flow” with Association SPIN.

My responsibilities are Social Media, Updating our blog website, taking photos on the events, when new volunteers are starting their projects with Organizations and when they need just new beautiful photos. It’s been super interesting, the organization is always trying to give you tasks that you are interested in. Together we cooked for other volunteers to make a delicious welcome day, we show them around and took them to interesting cultural events, watched beautiful sunsets together, and just to be there for each other.

I would like to mention my amazing tutor who helped me any way she can, gave me all the advice she could, She is always so positive and calm, Thank you Giulia, you are a beautiful human being.

I’m having lots of mixed feelings, sad and happy at the same time, been here for 12 months but feels like still, It’s not enough, but I had such an amazing time, I hadn’t felt pandemic here at all with all the sunny weather, tasty food and colorful life I had here.

In the end, I’m ready for another chapter of my life, can’t wait to see what life has to offer, I will try to make sure live like when I will be old to laugh a lot about my past life.

THANK YOU again and again to both organizations that gave me this amazing opportunity to experience incredible volunteering in Portugal.

The article and the presentation has beed prepared by our volunteer Mari Erkwania!

Thank you! We wish you all the best and more wonderful experieces in the future 🙂