The Good the Bad and the Ugly of being an Entrepreneur – Youth Exchange in Katowice

The Good the Bad and the Ugly of being an Entrepreneur was an youth exchange project financed by the European Commission under the Erasmus+ Program.

37 young people from 5 different countries met in Katowice, Poland. The Good the Bad and the Ugly of being an Entrepreneur  youth exchange was carried out from June 13-19, 2023.

Young people were given the chance to discover the secrets of knowledge, develop their talents for the job market, and discover how to transform their passions and ideas into successful businesses.There was also tons of amazing time, cultural evenings, experience sharing, language and social skill development, and more.

The project partners were:


Presentations on start-ups that participants developed while working in the international teams during the Youth Exchange. The presentation is open to the public, allowing everyone to view the final results of hard work and innovative ideas. Every team started from beginning when establishing their business, from coming up with a concept to designing the logo, the commercial, and the staff behind the company. Four concepts for various businesses were generated in total. On the final day, each team showcased their work, with the opportunity for participants to ask sometimes challenging and tough questions.

In addition to the presentation, each team had to create an advertising spot for their company. This video is a collection of all the startup ads that were created during the exchange.


It is also important to note that each country group presented their start-up concepts that they had developed during the exchange and told their peers and local communities about their experiences upon returning home. Several of the participants used the information and abilities they received during the youth exchange to conduct entrepreneurial workshops in their local schools.