Would you like to host Polish volunteers in your organisation? Do not hesitate to contact us!
Your organisation can be any kind of non-governmental organisation, local government body or any other non-profit institution, such as a nursing home, ecological organisation, youth center, youth meeting house, etc.


Responsibilities of Hosting Organisation

  • Assign a mentor who is directly responsible for the individual, linguistic and pedagogical support of the volunteer and to whom the volunteer can turn to in case of any problems. He should create a volunteer opportunity to integrate into the local community, meet new people, conduct social life, participate in leisure activities, etc.
  • Prepare a volunteer for tasks that will be entrusted to him, and if necessary, provide him with courses that improve his qualifications and improve his skills (working with disabled people, computer skills, sign language, etc.).
  • Provide the appropriate accommodation to the volunteer, which will be in line with his expectations.
  • Arrange meals for volunteers or pay pocket money for food exclusively.
  • Regularly, once a month or once a week, pay a volunteer a fixed flat rate for his own expenses (other than food).
  • Ensure that the volunteer takes part in the EVS introductory training (so-called on-arrival training) and intermediate evaluation (so-called mid-term meeting) organized by the National Agency of the host country.
  • Enable the volunteer to learn the language of the host country.
  • Collect all necessary document for the project’s settlement.
  • Prepare a report document to be used by Coordinating Organisation for a final report.

Responsibilities of Coordinating Organisation – FRSP

  • Write and apply with a project to the Polish National Agency.
  • Act as a Sending Organisation (looking for a volunteer, preparation for an activity etc.).
  • Deal with financial issues and any other matter of mutual partnership.
  • Settle the project after all project activities.