Opportunities ahead in Rybnik!

First testimony from our hosting project Opportunities ahead in Rybnik!

Read Kristina’s article and find out what she gained during the project!

Project was funded by European Solidarity Corps 🇪🇺 💸 💪

Kristina’s sending organization was Záhrada – Centrum nezávislej kultúry

I was, as I heard, the first volunteer from Slovakia and I hope not the last. I spent 8 wonderful months in a beautiful industrial Polish town called Rybnik.

My hosting organization was Zabytkowa Kopalnia IGNACY (Historical Mine Ignatius). It was a museum focused on industrial heritage and steam engines, they often organized many events and workshops for public.

Going on this volunteering was the best idea I ever had. Those 8 months enriched me incredibly, not only I learn new skills and languages, but I also got to know a lot of new things, new cultures, but I also met a lot of good people.

Thanks to great colleagues in my organization, I felt good every day, and it was a pleasure to go to the organization every day. My duties were diverse, of course I helped guide visitors around the museum and  helped with events and workshops. I know several graphics programs, so creating posters or editing videos was also part of my duties. Thanks to good management, I always had something to do and felt useful.

Of course, my volunteering was not just work work work, it was an incredible round of various events, trips and new experiences. I visited many small or big cities in Poland.


Kristina was a wonderful volunteer! Thank you for your attitide and positive energy 😋

We wish you many luck in the future in your personal and professional life 😊