Challenge Yourself in Rybnik 2.0 – last volunteer

It is time for the las testimony article – Rusa was our last volunteer in the frame of Challenge Yourself in Rybnik 2.0 project!

For six months she was a volunteer in MDK Youth Center, she spend three amazing seasons in Rybnik and many more cities in Poland. 

Read about her expressions below!

I was a Volunteer from Georgia, and I spent the last six mounts in Poland. I am satisfied and delighted with all the memorable days which I had during the project.

December was my last month of volunteering and I’ve just realized how quickly time has passed. All this time, I was a Volunteer from Georgia who fell in love with Poland – its environment, and wonderful people. I am admired by the beautiful and friendly Polish people.

At the same time, in the beginning, when I moved to Poland I set three of the most important goals. I considered the project as my first step toward a new beginning.

Meanwhile, it’s probably fair to talk about a different attitude toward my activities in the context of Volunteering and working hard on my goals. So, my first goal was to learn and improve my foreign language skills, and at the same time, I tried to learn more about the Polish language and culture. Also, traveling was my next goal and motivation, with this goal I visited to many cities in Poland. Every weekend I used to travel around Poland and especially around Silesia. Finally, I explored a lot of new things about Polish culture and history and in that process sometimes I came across a lot of similarities between Polish and Georgian people. Also, I found Poland as a country with amazing people and extraordinary traditions. I experienced living a life full of impossible destinations and challenges that made my life interesting in Poland.

Finally, I spent three seasons of the year in Poland and every day was a new adventure here full of joy and fun! And if someone asks me which one was my favorite time of the year in Poland, I cannot answer for sure. To me, each season of the year was special and unique here.

I spent three seasons in Poland, and each of their summer, autumn, and winter had its own charm. I really love winter with snow and with the beautiful white environment here, and such an amazing summer with warm rays of sunshine that made me feel alive. And autumn, beautiful, calm, and charming and I am
exactly in such a mood. I am just in love with autumn in Poland!

In conclusion, six months ago I accepted the challenge and moved to Rybnik, Poland that was the absolutely right decision, and at the end of the project, I feel grown up and an independent decision maker the person that I always wanted to be.

The project was possible thanks to European Solidarity Corps funds. 

Special thanks for the hosting organization MDK Youth Center in Rybnik

and sending organization Youth Association DRONI

The article and photos was prepared by Rusudani Zazadze (Instagram: rusas_footsteps )

Thank you and good luck in the future!