Khato’s testimony – volunteering in PZ4SEG

My project has finished. Below, I wanna summarize a bit about general activities and my stay in Poland, which was really impressive. So, keep reading;)

My project – „Empowering regions through volunteering – A step to a career” is an ESC volunteering project of Fundacja Rozwoju Społeczeństwa Przedsiębiorczego in cooperation with Powiatowy Zespół Nr 4 Szkoł Ekonomiczno-Gastronomicznych w Oświęcimiu. This project provides activities cross-border education, tons of cultural workshops, improving and extending the linguistic skills of students, contributing to local community’s development and last but not least, I would say the most interesting part, creating own initiatives, planning and organizing mini-projects, workshops, actions for students and generally for the whole local community.

The first month was full of activities, meetings, my own workshops and classes, such as Georgian dances, English, Leadership, Entrepreneurship, Business and so on. Indeed, everything didn’t continue as it was imagined or planned due to the COVID-19, but the project, activities and generally, my staying in Poland stayed still productive. To begin with, I still had online classes, speaking activities, but changed the area of having it. We moved to an online platform which honestly wasn’t as perfect as meeting at school face-to-face, but still was interesting, interactive and productive. Furthermore, since the situation didn’t let us continue meeting and doing planned things (cooking, yoga, physical activities) normally, I was providing cooking some traditional food and yoga tutorial videos and posting on school’s social platform for the students. Furthermore, I was creating films connecting to the celebrations like Positive Thinking Day, Women’s Day, Easter, Volunteer’s Day and so on. Besides, I was publishing weekly articles on WordPress about my experiences and adventures.
I can say that despite the COVID-19 reality, which was really part of my project my staying in Poland, during this situation, was still productive (for visual representation attaching PPT below).

Indeed, there were some difficulties, feeling of homesickness and even personal meltdown, but despite everything I am so happy that I went to Poland (writing this from my “real” home) and had a chance to experience the amazing and independent year of life. I can see the huge difference, while comparing myself to the person I was when I went around a year ago, and really am so proud how far I came.

I wanna use that chance and say thanks to everybody who I met in Poland for amazing memories, having fun w Polish friends was cool, my hosting organization and every single member of it. Love you guys all!

After all this time I can announce that I discovered the country, traveled around it, learned the language, met amazing people, new contacts and have the feeling that I have my second home somewhere else in Poland.
I am “grown” and ready for new adventures.

Will be back!

Do zobaczenia, Polska ❤

Kind regards,

Khato Zabakhidze