Natia’s mid-term testimony – EVS in GOK

Natia Pavliashvili is our EVS volunteer coming from Georgia. She’s been in Poland since 3 months now. In the testimony, she elaborates on her volunteering journey in Gminny Ośrodek Kultury in Wola village.

First of all, it is a great honor for me to be chosen as an EVS volunteer and the most excitement is that I am volunteering Poland. How my life started in Wola? I met my Italian colleague Rita, coordinating organisation (Fundacja Rozwoju Społeństwa Przedsiębiorczego) and receiving organisation (Gminny Ośrodek Kultury). Our week started with an unexpected invitation to Polish birthday party where we enjoyed a lot. Later we were lucky and we had a chance to met a major of Gmina Miedźna mr. Bogdan Taranowski. I was getting know more and more about Wola, I had short trips around it. beside that there is beautiful and the longest river in Poland Wisla, which pass to Wola. I found that the village is well-developed. the following week we had made our first trip around significant Katowice. In the first month we were involved in activities which were planned by cultural center of Wola, through these activities we had chance to visited some entertainment places, historical castles like Bobolice, Mirów, Olsztyn… also beautiful Częstochowa, Bielsko-Bała , had trip to amazing zoo of Kraków two times. We also had our own workshops, like national dances and national culinary ones,were enjoyable and interesting. I feel happy and thankful for all these. During first month I met many Polish people, they were all kind and nice to us. Kids were cute and calm, as well as very organised. I felt high sense of hospitality here. The difficulties I had to face were that I did not know a Polish language then, every single information was in Polish, second was public transport routine (especially our first visit in Tychy was funny when Rita and I went ourselves there) but transport is still different and confusing for me, the third was weather seems rainy and Poland loves each other a lot. If the sky is clear and beautiful do not be sure it won’t rain, always take your umbrella with you. In August, I took my day offs and made my first trip myself in Sopot. I visited amazing seaside and Baltic sea.

After one month I started speaking in Polish. I was provided with polish lesson and our teacher is nice woman, thanks to her and all of these people who helped me to learn Polish language. I learnt it through English not trough Georgian.
I have to underline about one special day – the international picnic. Wola hosted Bulgarian pilgrims, each member presented their traditional dance or song. It was the first hight – lever of excitement for me when I presented Georgian dance there but that is not all. at the end of picnic I sang Polish song: “Szła dzieweczka do laseczka” with two Bulgarians. everybody were surprised , I tried my best! Another special date was the harvest festival – the festival which counts centuries it is a traditional celebration. Farmers and gardeners are preparing for it whole year to present their harvest, there also was our orchestra ,,Silenzio” from Wola, I enjoyed listened to their music. That day was beautiful, there
were people in traditional dresses. we tasted Silesian traditional dishes. That day was another chance to get to know more about Silesian culture and traditions.
Time by time, I get used Polish lifestyle. it was not hard. I did not feel afraid or strange here. People are quite busy wit their work they have fun only during weekends.
The environment is similar to Georgia. I can definitely say that Poland is one of green country. I was sure
in it one more time, when I visited Warsaw. I was surprised how the nature and these modern buildings are together at the same place and time. I see here big respect to nature.
Yes, I mentioned about Warsaw, yes out of borders Silesia, one amazing week in Warsaw. we had our first arrival-training there. We discovered capital, people and modernity, also met another EVS volunteers from different country. was quite interesting training find out more about Erasmus + and EVS . beside all we volunteers shared each others culture.
After one week we came back to Wola and started our preparation for the following month. Right now, I am an English language teacher in Gminy Ośrodek Kultury w Woli and have 3 so active groups. I try my best to share my knowledge to others and this is great opportunity to develop my teaching skills.
For the future, I have some different plans. First of all, to take part in of all activities which will be planned by cultural center and if there will be offer from others I am ready to join you as well ! second I am looking forward to Silesian, Georgian and Italian evening. multicultural evening will be interesting and joyful for everyone. The third important thing is that I am waiting for our second training which will be in Toruń.
and at the end I want to say that for some people is still sound unbelievable Georgian in Wola, but yes! I am here and I live like Polish person. I have Polish lifestyle , I join people and I celebrate all important festivals and dates like you do ! I try my best because I want be an exemplary volunteer. I feel am happy I feel a big support from people and this makes me more motivated. I love country and people here. I am very very thankful for everyone who supports me and gives me motivation at first thanks to Erasmus+ , secondly my coordinator and receiving organizations Fundacja Rozwoju Społeństwa Przedsiębiorczego and ,Gminny Ośrodek Kultury w Woli.