Khato’s testimony – volunteering in FRSP office

Hi, this is Khato T and today may be the last article I write that you are currently reading because my project is over.  It was an amazing experience and a volunteer project, so below I want to tell you about my activities and stay in Poland, which was really impressive and I can mention it every time. So, keep on reading.

As you already know, I worked as a volunteer in Poland as part of the European Solidarity Corps Volunteer Project: Cross-Border Education, Culture and Entrepreneurship – in FRSP office. Where I worked in three areas, namely: In the education direction – I conduct courses in English and Russian; In the culture direction – I participate in different kinds of work of local cultural centres; And in the entrepreneurship direction – I participate in the daily office work of FRSP. I see this as a great opportunity to develop my personal and professional skills and, on the other hand, to get to know this beautiful country.

From the first month to the end it was full of events, meetings, my own workshops and classes such as:

Creating presentations and videos on Entrepreneurial topic –  shooting Educational types of videos about Entrepreneurial topic, such as “How To Create An Effective Website For Your Small Business”, “How To write a business plan” and so on;

Conducting English and Russian class – Every week I teach English (Basic level) and Russian (pre-intermediate level) to local people;

Projects management tasks (documents) – help in documents preparation according to the project requirements;

Sharing my Georgian culture – with the others by preparing videos of cooking our traditional cookies or food and having a lot of fun with other volunteers. Or just cook different delicious dishes from Georgian cuisine and try it together, such as “Adjarian Khachapuri”, “Khinkali”, “Paska”, “Gozinaki” and so on.

It has indeed been full of interesting and enriching activities, it is even difficult to count them all. Some new skills and habits I can already notice, but I believe that some of them will appear in the near future and help me to become a better person who does quality work. Even if some of the activities were online, in part I had an offline tasks and I can say that everything was perfect.

Daily interaction with my wonderful coordinator and other FRSP team members made my voluntarist life in Silesia unforgettable and extraordinary.

I want to take this chance and say thank you to everyone I met in Poland for the stunning memories, for having fun with Polish people, friends, for my host organisation- FRSP and every member of it. Love you all! Kocham was wszystkich!

To sum up, I can say that I have explored this country, travelled all over Poland, had fun with new friends, learned the language and feel that I will miss it all. And of course I’m ready for new adventures.

Do zobaczenia Polsko!

Kocham cię Polsko! <3

Khato Turmanidze