Better together in MOK


MOK is a cultural center in Mysłowice city, where the volunteering project will take place. The project is financed by European Commision under European Solidarity Corps Progarmme.

If interested, please fill the Application Form in English: Application-form_FRSP_MOK 2  and send it with your CV to Marcin Germanek:  In the e-mail title please write: “MOK 2”

We are waiting for your candidature till 16/06/2024.

Before applying for this volunteering project you need to enroll yourself at European Solidarity Corps Platform ( and specify your European Solidarity Corps Participant number (PRN)! 

If you want to know more how our current project looks like you can follow the volunteers BLOG:  
Volunteers in FRSP or follow  FB fanpage

Basic Information

You can check your hosting organisation, MOK, youtube chanel to get to know how many super things they do! 

Unfurtunatelly right now everything is in Polish language, BUT… YOU WILL CHANGE IT!


You can also follow the MOK’s FB where you can check what our current volunteers – Christine and Irene – are doing!

Still wondering if you should participate?
Check the video of our previous volunteers, how fantastic experiance it is!

You can also contact with our previous volunteer, who worked in cultural center MOK  – Florian ( and Imen ( It will be also very easy to meet each other, beacuse he stayed in Poland after his project finished.

Project information

Coordinating organization:  Fundacja Rozwoju Społeczeństwa Przedsiębiorczego
Host Organisation: MOK 
Duration: 6 months (182+2 days)
Start: 15/09/2024
End:  15/03/2025
Location: Mysłowice city (41-400), Silesian Region, southern Poland (near Tychy and Katowice cities)
Placements: in total 2

Host organisation

MOK is a territorial unit of culture, operating in the city of Myslowice. We have 7 operating branches in individual districts of the city, in which the statutory activities are carried out. These branches are subordinated
under the headquarters located in the center of Mysłowice. In our institution you can find a wide range of permanent activities – about 100 different proposals, which aim to propagation of one, timeless idea: creative and active spending of free time. A wide range of of cultural events – concerts, theater performances, film screenings, meetings with interesting personalities – reaches the inhabitants of the reaches out to inhabitants of the whole Silesian province.

Proposed activities:

  • Activities in MOK branches – The MOK Branches Department deals with work in The Branches Department is responsible for the work of the branches in the area, where permanent activities for all age groups take place. Volunteers get acquainted with the work in particular branches, located in 7 city districts. The activities will be directed to kids, youngsters and adults;
  • Running volunteer’s native language / English speaking clubs for local community;
  • help in organizing events with MOK (concerts: alternative, jazz, choral, jam sessions, theater performances, events: for children , and families, workshops, etc);
  • Running extra classes / workshops for children e.g. graphics, photography, film-making, music, cooking, sports, board games, supporting in homework (it is up to volunteer’s skills);
  •  implementation of joint socio-cultural projects (may include publications);
  • empowering the local community e.g.: organized murals, celebration of events such as potato baking day, St. Martin’s Day celebration, Children Day, Senior Day etc.;
  • assistance in promoting events – participation in videos and other activities to promote joint events, preparation posters, posters, photos, happenings);
  • Information meetings about the Erasmus +, European Solidarity Corps Programmes and volunteering projects,  in different schools and Universities, during special and cyclical events;
  • Present your country and your project in schools, promotional campaigns and at festivals in the region or on special cultural evenings;
  • Help in office work (archiving the documents; project management and documentation; updating website and social media (FB, Tik Tok and INSTAGRAM); visual documentation of projects and events: photography, film, music videos; Blog);
  • Organize your own special event according to the original idea;
  • prepare your own cultural or cultural-artistic project – your own element may or may not be isolated , may be an element of the whole in a joint venture. Depends on the predisposition of the volunteer.

We can offer:

– learning methods of work in cultural center;
– experience and interesting contacts
– experience in organizing large cultural events
– learning and using innovative and creative methods in working with children and young people
– possibility of developing own ideas for the workshops and their independent implementation
– knowledge of Silesia in the context of culture and customs, as well as knowledge about cultural differences and the ability to deal with them in everyday life
– active and constructive participation in the social life of our local community
– project management skills and time

Practical arrangements
  • travel expenses – 360,00 EUR or 275,00 EUR (depends on a travel distance)
  • accommodation – The volunteers will be accommodated in a shared flat in Mysłowice. Each of the volunteers has his/her own room. The flat consists of 3 rooms, kitchen, and bathroom. It is fully equipped. The flat is located aroun 30 min by bus to the MOK’s headquarters but to some brunches only 15 min by bus or 3 min walking. 
  • food – 120,00 EUR / month
  • pocket money – 150,00 EUR / month
  • public transport tickets – in the city
  • Polish language course at the dedicated by European Commision online platform EU Academy 
  • insurance
  • help of local mentor and project’s coordinators

Recruitment process

2 young people in age 18-30 years old. The project participant should be active, flexible, motivated, creative and are interested in active participation and self-involvement.

We are open to any person who wants to put him\herself out there, who is ready to face new challenges and gain new skills, by leaving an unforgettable experience abroad.The profile of the volunteer shall have the following characteristics:

  • ability to cooperate in a group and independently;
  • creative approach to tasks- ingenuity, flexibility;
  • openness to proposals for artistic activities;
  • predisposition for cultural animation activities;
  • the high level of interpersonal communication, activities within the project focus on working with people – the volunteer must be open to contacts;
  • good contact with children and young people;
  • communicative English, but at least B1;
  • interest in at least one of the fields of theater, music, film, cultural heritage, artistic activities including painting, collage, drawing, etc., photography, dance;
  • willingness to learn about Silesian and Polish culture and traditions, but also readiness to share their culture;
  • we want to develop our offer, so any additional skills of volunteers will be welcome, creativity in work in culture and in NGOs is necessary;
  • previous experience in various cultural and social activities will be welcome but not obligatory;
  • possession of a category B driver’s license will be welcome but not obligatory.
Recruitment process

Step 1 – sending CV-EuroPass (candidate’s picture attached)  and a special application form in English: Application-form_FRSP_MOK 2)   to   Email subject: MOK 2 TILL JUNE 16th!
Step 2 – Skype conversation with project’s coordinators 
Step 3 – Final results sent by e-mail

Soon you can be here…