Volunteering – step to the future in Gliwice

Volunteering – step to the future in Gliwice is common project of Fundacja Rozwoju Społeczeństwa Przedsiębiorczego and democratic school “Grajfka” form Gliwice

Volunteering – step to the future in Gliwice is implemented from European Commision funds in frame of European Solidarity Coprs Programme. 

Application (your CV and aplication form) should be send to ewa.skowronska@frsp.eu until 31st of October 2023. 

Application form you need to download and send on email which you find above. 

Subject of email: Step to – Gliwice.

Before applying for this volunteering project you need to enroll yourself at European Solidarity Corps Platform (https://europa.eu/youth/solidarity_en) and specify your European Solidarity Corps Participant number (PRN)! 

If you want to know more how our current project looks like you can follow the volunteers BLOG:  Volunteers in FRSP or follow  FB fanpage

Project information

Place of activities: Gliwice

Accommodation: Gliwice

Coordinating Organisation: Fundacja Rozwoju Społeczeństwa Przedsiębiorczego

Hosting Organisation: Democratic School Grajfka

Duration: 9 months

Dates: November 2023 – July 2024

Vacancies: 1

Foundation of Entrepreneurial Society Development is an organisation that cooperates with local volunteers and support them in all activities that are offered them in the foundation. We want to give them a possibility to achieve new competencies by taking part in projects abroad. The main aim is to help the youngsters to enter the labour market without any difficulties. Apart from that, FRSP offers consulting in terms of acquiring finances for NGOs, self-government and companie.

The Boldare Foundation has created the Grajfka Democratic School. It is a place where children from 3 to 14 years old learn. At this moment we have 20 children. We create two groups, i.e. a preschool-early school group and they are children from 3 to 9 years old and a school group, they are children from 10 to 14 years old. Our school is located on a plot of land bordering a forest. We are not far from the city of Gliwice and the entire Silesian agglomeration (about 1.5 million inhabitants). In our school there is no division by class and age. We also don’t have grades. We do not use rewards and punishments. We use the NVC Nonviolent communication (NVC) method, and also try to make decisions in groups using SYSTEMIC CONSENSING. We meet in circles and determine what we do and what our needs are. We have our fixed schedule of activities. As well as our common operating rules.

Project's activities

The target group is: primary schools kids as well as hisgh school students. The volunteer will have a following tasks:

  • Assistance in school activities: nature, sports, theater, music, art, language, IT, manual, including carpentry,
  • Assistance in supervising individual projects of children participating in school democratic,
  • Assistance during field trips and excursions,
  • Assistance school events organization – picnics, charity actions, cooperation in the Days School Open Days, co-creation of event scenarios, decorations, school community auctions.
  • Organizing meetings to promote the language and culture of the volunteer (dishes, customs, holidays, music, dances),
  • English and volunteer’s homecountry language classes,
  • Work on behalf of the school (decorating, minor repair work, creation of workshops specialized, teaching materials, beautification of the school, e.g. in the form of murals, etc.).
  • Searching and informing the school community about opportunities to participate in interesting events in the region and surroundings
  • supporting the activities and tasks of current employees of the Boldare Foundation
  • Preparing posts and videos promoting international volunteering and rationing the volunteer’sstay in our facility,
  • Own volunteer’s ideas,
  • Promoting European Solidarity Corps Programme

Volunteer's profile

Our ideal volunteer should be socially committed, willing to work for the benefit of the local community, open-minded, communicative and not afraid of the challenges brought by international cooperation. A person who:

  • enjoy being in nature and for whom the values of sustainability are important,
  • like children and working with children,
  • show interest and curiosity in alternative educational methods and approaches based on an individual relationship with the child,
  • are creative and open-minded and have passions and interests that they want to share with children,
  • with own idea for the implementati on of volunteering.
  • with communicative level of English language,
  • Extra skills, interests and hobbies that he/she could share with children and young people,
  • Driving licence category B.

Practical arrangements

  • travel expenses – 360,00 EUR or 275,00 EUR (depends on a travel distance)
  • accommodation – The volunteers will be accommodated in a shared flat in Gliwice. Each of the volunteers has his/her own room. The flat consists of 2/3 rooms, kitchen, and bathroom. It is fully equipped.
  • food – 100,00 EUR / month
  • pocket money – 120 EUR / month
  • public transport tickets – will be covered if necessary to implement tasks in the project
  • insurance
  • access to the EU Academy platform to learn Polish language
  • help of local mentor and project’s coordinators

Recruitment process

Step 1 – sending CV-EuroPass (candidate’s picture attached)  and Application form in English on email: ewa.skowronska@frsp.eu. Email subject: Step to Gliwice.
Step 2 – ZOOM conversation with project’s coordinators 
Step 3 – Final results sent by e-mail