Challenge Yourself in Rybnik 2.0 – volunteering ESC project in Silesia

CHALLENGE YOURSELF IN RYBNIK is a common project of Fundacja Rozwoju Społeczeństwa Przedsiębiorczego, Industrialne Centrum Kultury and Młodzieżowy Dom Kultury. We are looking for 2 volunteers coming from the EU countries or partner countires of the EU. The project will take place in Rybnik- a city located in the south of Poland (Silesia region).

Applications (CV in English and APPLICATION FORM_Rybnik_ESC) shall be sent to Aleksandra Wieczorek, project coordinator, at Email subject: “Challenge Yourself in Rybnik 2.0”.

Before applying for this ESC postion, you are obligated to enroll on the European Solidarity Corps Platform and send us in the email your PASS number.

We are waiting for your application as soon as possible!


By impelenting the project, we want to:

  • contribute to overcoming language barriers among the inhabitants of Rybnik and its surroundings
  • contribute to increasing the openness of the inhabitants of Rybnik to new, foreign and unknown ones
  • show that the EU funds will also reach local communities and not only large agglomerations
  • provide an opportunity to meet and talk to representatives of other countries and cultures of our local community
  • strengthen intercultural communication skills
  • increase local participation in community and civic life, develop a sense of initiative
  • create interesting offers of activities for the local community

– the real motivation for the experience
– age between 18-30 y.o.
– willingness to live and work in Rybnik
– interest in working with children and youth but also with seniors
– high interest in culture
– willingness to teach and learn foreign languages
– willingness to learn about Polish culture and traditions, but also readiness to share their culture
– high level of interpersonal communication, activities within the project focus on working with people
– initiative and creativity
– previous experience in various cultural and social activities will be welcome but not obligatory


Rybnik is a city in southwestern Poland, in the Silesian Voivodeship. Rybnik grew as an important centre of coal mining and the seat of the surrounding county in the 19th century. Under Poland’s communist rule from 1945-1989 the city was projected to grow as a main mining centre of southern Poland. The Rybnik area with its large coal mines and power plants is an important economic region of Poland, and a notable center of music, home of the Szafrankowie Brothers State School of Music as well as a Philharmonic Orchestra.

  • 120 euro/ month of pocket money
  • 100 euro/month of food money
  • living in a single room in a fully furnished shared flat in Rybnik (close to the hosting organisation, kitchen, bathroom, 3 rooms)
  • monthly public transport ticket
  • travel expenses from home to the hosting country (travel grant depending on the distance between countries)
  • local mentor
  • insurance (EHIC and CIGNA)
  • Polish language course

Hosting Organisation: Youth Center in Rybnik/ Młodzieżowy Dom Kultury
Dates: preferable start of activity dates 15.03.2021 – 15.11.2021 (8 months)
Vacancies: 1 volunteer  Georgia, Cyprus, Finland, Denmark, Estonia, Greece, Croatia, Norway, Romania, Portugal, Serbia, Georgia, Italy, Latvia, Germany, Albania, Montenegro, the Republic of Kosovo

Volunteer tasks will include:
1. activities for children and youth:
– conducting workshops on music, creativity, developing imagination, manual skills, among others, conducting workshops with children and youth – to choose classes
visual arts,
art, graphics, ceramics, music, dance, history of art
– winter holidays: theater, creative, dance workshops; board games day; supporting caregivers during trips outside the culture center (e.g. going to the cinema)
– conducting language classes
– educational meetings using non-formal methods
– trips with young people as tutors to competitions and festivals
– Euroclub: organization of workshops/competitions on various topics (European citizenship, multiculturalism, etc.)
– conducting language classes
– Film evenings on important topics for today’s youth in combination with a lecture and discussion after the screening
Promotion of Erasmus+ and European Solidarity Corps programmes
– Information meetings on the Erasmus+ and European Solidarity Corps programmes at MDK and in schools, during special and cyclical events
– Presentation of the country and the project at schools during promotional events and at festivals in the region or special cultural evenings
3. assistance in organizing or original ideas for special events, cultural events
– Assistance in organizing cultural events at the Municipal Cultural Centre, e.g. International Biennial of Children and Youth Creativity
– Assistance in organization of Christmas and Easter meetings for children and adults
– possibility of organizing your own special event
– preparation of photographic documentation – acting as a photographer during events
– Assisting with the organization of competitions and events held at the center, drawing up rules and regulations (also in English), designing and printing diplomas, sending out information to the media
information to media, designing posters
4. activities in Halo Rybnik
– supporting events organized by the City of Rybnik
– preparing photographic documentation – acting as a photographer during events
– organizing cultural events and national days in the seat of Halo Rybnik, which is located in Rybnik market square
– servicing foreign language tourists


Hosting Organisation: Industrialne Centrum Kultury
Dates: preferable start of activity dates 15.03.2021 – 15.11.2021 (8 months)
Vacancies: 1 volunteer  Georgia,Cyprus, Finland, Denmark, Estonia, Greece, Croatia, Norway, Romania, Portugal, Serbia, Georgia, Italy, Latvia, Germany, Albania, Montenegro, the Republic of Kosovo


  • Teachining languages (native) to the local inhibitants
  • Organising cultural events, e.g. Industrial Culture Day, Industriages
  • Organising events and workshops e.g. international evenings, cooking workshops etc.
  • Promotional activities of the European Solidarity Corps and Erasmus Plus programmes (running presentations and workshops for youth)
  • Halo Rybnik activities (volunteering at events organised by the city, photographing events, international days/events, tour guides and toursists’ service)
  • Conducting classes and workshops in schools about the Ignacy Mine
  • Helping the organisation with some office duties (e.g. writing emails in English, preparation of graphics or posters)
  • Moreover, in the continuation of this project, we would like to extend the volunteer’s activities to include
    – assistance in promoting ICK institutions in social media
    – help to develop and run social media channels of the facility
    – help with creating computer graphics for the ICK;
    – creation of short promotional videos of activities undertaken in the facility via camera or mobile applications
    – describe or record their activities under the ESC programme in the form of a blog or a video blog on websites
    – a Social Language meeting in the Rybnik Hall, where the inhabitants of Rybnik they can talk informally in foreign languages

Still undecided?
See testimonials from volunteers who have already participated by clicking on the image below, or visit the blog of our FRSP volunteers and read their articles: