Volunteering project in Poland, Silesia – Empowering regions through volunteering

Volunteering project in Poland, Silesia in frame of the project Empowering regions through volunteering: Volunteering – a power of solidarity is Fundacja Rozwoju Społeczeństwa Przedsiębiorczego proposition. We are looking for 1 young volunteer in age 18-30 to take part in the ESC volunteering project in Silesia region in Poland.

If interested, please fill the Application Form in English: Application form_FRSP_new and send it with your CV to Natalia Germanek: In the e-mail title please write: “Cross-border entrepreneurship”.

We are waiting for your candidature till 01/11/2020.

Before applying for this volunteering project you need to enroll yourself at European Solidarity Corps Platform ( and specify your European Solidarity Corps Participant number! Volunteering project in Poland3

If you want to know more how our current project looks like you can follow the volunteers BLOG:  Volunteers in FRSP or follow  FB fanpage.   Volunteering project in Poland

Check our volunteers videos:

You can also contact with our previous volunteer Zura ( from Georgia or Rita from Italy ( Volunteering project in Poland

Receiving and Coordinating organization:  Fundacja Rozwoju Społeczeństwa Przedsiębiorczego
Duration: 10 months
Start: 07/01/2021*
End:  07/11/2021*
Location: Wola village (43-225), Silesian Region, southern Poland (near Tychy, Pszczyna and Katowice cities)
Placements: in total 1

Proposed activities:

I) Promotion, development and dissemination entrepreneurial attitudes:
1) Creation together with the organization and carrying out Entrepreneurial Point:

– preparation for the job interview – simulation of the interview / sample questions
– conducting CV writing workshops – promoting the CV version in Europass
– conducting motivational letters writing workshops
– conducting Visualize your future activities
– motivation and the art of achieving goals Workshops at the movie basis : “The Social Network” or “Jerry Maguire” – movie and lecture.
– conducting body language during the interview trainings
– conducting workshops on self-presentation and public speeches
– conducting negotiation and argumentation workshops
– conducting  workshops on effective communication


2) Dissemination and promotion volunteering

– meetings with school youth,students and alumni as a way of acquiring work experience and improve their employability 
– providing workshops, presentations, lectures and social campaigns;

3) Promote entrepreneurial attitudes

Activities predicted for school children,students and adults – social activities like organizing events,implementation small-projects. Examples:

a) „Entrepreneurship from kindergarten” – classes, workshops dedicated to pre-school children (visit to local kindergartens or organize a workshop in a rented room)

– learning about different professions (eg grouping by pictures)
– saving activities: money, water, electricity (eg Concept map)
– We get to know the money: coins and banknotes
– Artistic competitions: who I want to become as I grow up
– Theme party “Shop” – shop corner, division into roles, paper money
– Fun “Truth and falsehood” (advertising, promotion, price cuts in stores)
– Mini quiz of economic knowledge (what is work? What is money? What does it mean to buy / sell? Etc.)

4) Promotion, development and dissemination of active social and professional integration through the exchange of good practices from volunteer’s home country
5) PR and promotion activities

– creating / updating a database of current volunteering projects, youth exchanges, aborad trainings, internship projects, volunteering / co-financing for own business in the area/ neighborhood for presentation at the Entrepreneurial Point

6) teaching English and your native language local inhabistants.
II) Promotion of European Union and European Solidarity Corps  Programme:

1) Organisation of meetings with local youth where will be presented goals and principles of ESC Programme and encouraging youth to take part in projects realised by the ESC and Erasmus+ Programme, in particular in volunteering projects;

2) Promotion of the ESC and Erasmus+ Programme among the non-governmental organizations form the region,which are interested in hosting volunteers from abroad or in taking part in other propositions supported by the EU;

3) Promotion of common activities and programmes, supported by EU others than Erasmus+ and ESC Programmes;

4) The promotion of EU and one’s own country by organizing different workshops, conferences,exhibitions,meetings with youth etc;

We can offer:

– learning methods of work in cultural center;
– experience and interesting contacts
– experience in organizing large cultural events
– learning and using innovative and creative methods in working with children and young people
– possibility of developing own ideas for the workshops and their independent implementation
– knowledge of Silesia in the context of culture and customs, as well as knowledge about cultural differences and the ability to deal with them in everyday life
– active and constructive participation in the social life of our local community
– project management skills and time

Accommodation, food and transport arrangements

The coordinating and receiving organizations will provide accommodation for each participant in a flat shared by two people of the same sex. The flat includes a kitchen, a bathroom and two rooms. Everything needed can be found in each flat. Special needs of the participants will be taken into account. An amount of 100 EUR and a pocket money of 120 EUR will be given at the beginning of each month to each participant.
The volunteers will also benefit of a monthly local transportation pass each month.

Recruitment process

1 young person in age 18-30 years old. The project participant should be active, flexible, motivated, creative and are interested in active participation and self-involvement.

We are open to any person who wants to put him\herself out there, who is ready to face new challenges and gain new skills, by leaving an unforgettable experience abroad.The profile of the volunteer shall have the following characteristics:

– Keen interest in the contents of the project;
– Real motivation for the experience;
– Willingness to live and work in a village – the awareness that activities will take place in the countryside, not in a big city, so the specifics will also be different;
– interest in working with children, youth and the elderly, because these are the target groups for which the Center of Culture and the FRSP organize various events or workshops;
– interest in the entrepreneurship activities implementation
– openess to travel because, as part of activities at FRSP, volunteer will carry out activities also in our partner institutions locations in Silesia region;
– willingness to learn about Silesian and Polish culture and traditions, but also readiness to share their culture;
– the high level of interpersonal communication, activities within the project focus on working with people – the volunteer must be open to contacts;
– initiative and creativity – we want to develop our offer, so any additional skills of volunteers will be welcome, creativity in work in culture and in NGOs is necessary;
– previous experience in various cultural and social activities will be welcome but not obligatory.

The selection process

The selection process will be based on three fundamental criteria: a good application form (Application form_FRSP_new) not only justifying the interest on the project but in the values that the European Solidarity Corps Programme contributes, a curriculum vitae (better if in the Europass format) in English, with a photograph.
After the pre-selection, the receiving organisation will contact the candidates through skype interview. Later, the final selection is made and the results are announced to the interested parties.