Powerful Pillars of Entrepreneurial Success

Powerful Pillars of Entrepreneurial Success is a project organized by Fundacja Rozwoju Społeczestwa Przedsiębiorczości from Poland. We are looking for 6 Polish youngsters between 18 – 30 years to take part in this amazing youth exchange.


The  project will take place in Katowice, Poland from 7th to 13th of November 2023. 


The main aim of the youth exchange ” Powerful Pillars of Entrepreneurial Success is to bring together 37 young people from 6 different countries and to give them an opportunity to develop Entrepreneurial Skills. We decided to create this youth exchange to share the experience, skills and possibilities for starting a business to young people, from different countries, to demonstrate that it is possible even in this non-stable and unpredictable environment where we live nowadays. 


We have set the following objectives for the projects:

  • To create a platform, for young people with different background but common entrepreneurial mindset, where experience, knowledge and ideas about entrepreneurship can be shared;
  • To show participants the importance of social values​​in business and that there is not only the profit, that makes the entrepreneurship interesting;
  • In the era of globalization, being an entrepreneur requires a relationship with people from different cultures, so with this experience we will share the tips about being a leader, team member, how to cooperate in multicultural environment;
  • To promote European values, active citizenship and intercultural dialogue;
  • To work on developing their “thinking out of box” skill, creativity, critical thinking.

Youth Exchange will consist of 37 participants in total from 6 different countries: Poland, Georgia, Spain, Czech Republic, Italy and Portugal.

Feel free to check the info-pack with all the information about the youth exchange🙂

Send us your CV by email to – khatuna.zabakhidze@frsp.eu (email title: “Application for: „Powerful Pillars of Entrepreneurial Success”).