Picture it – Build your Future in France

Picture it – Build Your Future in France is another project coordinated by  Fundacja Rozwoju Spoczestwa Przedsiębiorczości . Together with the partner organization – La Fabrique DEFI (FB) – we invite you to take part in long-term volunteering in one of the friendliest parts of France famous for its’s lovely places. The mobility is organized by the French youth organization La Fabrique DEFI which is looking for 1 volunteer.

Say YES to the lifetime experience and apply NOW.

The project is implemented under  the European Solidarity Corps  Programme, financed by the European Commission.

Before applying for this volunteering project you need to enroll yourself at European Solidarity Corps Platform (  https://europa.eu/youth/solidarity_en  ) and specify your European Solidarity Corps Participant number (PRN)!

where? – Calais, France

How long will the project last?  – 7 months (208 days + 2 traveling days)

Start date   – June 2023

Number of vacancies – 1 Polish participant

Deadline for submitting applications:      08/06/2023

Coordinating and sending organization :  Foundation for the Development of Entrepreneurial Society

Host organization :   La Fabrique DEFI

How to apply?  Applications containing a CV and a cover letter in English should be sent by e-mail (email title: Picture it – Build your Future in France) to  khatuna.zabakhidze@frsp.eu

The project is financed by the European Commission from the European Solidarity Corps Programme.

Volunteer activities:

  • To bring value to We Moov’s public (European and International Mobility Department, also named We Moov’s):
  • Contributing to We Moov’s preparation workshops for mobility;
  • Helping our local youngsters and migrants to prepare to participation in international mobility (concrete steps before departure, cultural differences in the working sphere and in daily life…)
  • Taking part in discussion groups in English so that our local community as well as migrant communities can practice the language;
  • Co-facilitate our “mobility coaches” network (young people who already had a mobility experience with us and who now coach other young people from our territory);
  • Reassuring people who are afraid before leaving (and reassuring people who are not sure of going abroad because of some fears which will be discussed with the volunteers);
  • Help in the deadlines, preparing mandates, suggesting ideas for projects, keep in contact with European partners, etc;
  • Arrange preparatory meetings and evaluation meetings with participants in training courses and youth exchanges–with the help of the We Moov’s team;
  • Participation or support person during some of the project we host: YE or TC etc.
  • To help our local community members and migrants communities to obtain a job experience abroad;
  • Assisting our public in writing CV and cover-letters in English (which techniques of CV/letters according to each country but also in Europass format);
  • Helping our public to prepare a job interview in English (which aspects to focus on according to which country);
  • Helping our public in a job or experience research abroad (job search sites; way of searching. In addition to that, the volunteers could help our public with their knowledges of the job market in their respective countries);
  • Exchanging with our publics about the job-search techniques and comparing them to the ones in the respective countries of the volunteers. Again, we will aim at giving to our public new ideas/methods of job-research;
  • To guide our target groups to a successful mobility abroad and the ones to avoid) – explaining to our public how to be appreciated in the working sphere (such as the valued things/attitudes;
  • Explaining to our public how once abroad, it is possible to develop a good social network inside the work organization, how to make friends abroad;
  • Assistance in the organization of preparatory and follow up sessions with participants and group leaders, convening and facilitating workshops to build the group and support them to develop relevant skills;
  • PR and promotion activities – preparation tangible items such as design of flyers, project sheets, materials for web-site, publications, social media campaigns;
  • Use correct multimedia materials, selected for a specific target group. Different type of photos/pictures have to have leaflets/poster/booklet directed to kids, another to youth and much more to address to adults or elderly people;
  • Prepare the whole campaign of promoting, choosing places where materials should appear, choose informational channel social media updates; write articles; web maintenance with LAW staff support; write testimonials;
  • Networking with other volunteers of our region (national civic services and European volunteers);
  • Taking part to events where our platform is represented;
  • Meeting regularly other European volunteers who are active in other cities in the near of Calais to help one another, set up common actions, and deal with other publics from other structures;
  • Keeping records of the volunteering experience (reporting the actions, making pictures…), which will be diffused on Facebook.

Still not sure if apply? Check our previous volunteer’s experience in France with La Fabrique DEFI. Link available – HERE

Who are we looking for:

  • Polish youngster between 18-30 years old;
  • Good communication, organizational and teamwork skills;
  • Creative and energetic;
  • Knowledge of English language;
  • Basic knowledge of French language or willingness to learn.

Host organization


Promote reception, orientation, information and support

La Fabrique DEFI has very diverse fields of intervention, particularly in the fields of training, employment, housing, health, mobility, sport and culture, etc.


With us, you will find responsiveness, proximity, adaptability, listening and so many other values ​​that are important to us…”

What do we provide?

  • Henner  health insurance during your project;
  • round-trip travel reimbursement (max. EUR 275);
  • accommodation;
  • pocket money €180 monthly (€6 per day);
  • food money;
  • language course.

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If you want to know more how our current project looks like you can follow the volunteers BLOG: Volunteers in FRSP or follow FB fan-page .

Information on currently ongoing recruitments can be found at https://volo.frsp.eu/enrollments/