Picture it – Build Green Future

Picture it – Build Green Future is another project coordinated by Fundacja Rozwoju Społeczeństwa Przedsiębiorczego. Together with the partner organization –  HRYO (FB) – we invite you to take part in long-term volunteering in one of the fascinating parts of Sicily, Italy famous for its fascinating places. The mobility is organized by the Italian youth organization Hryo which is looking for 2 Polish volunteers.

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The project is implemented under the European Solidarity Corps Programme, financed by the European Commission.

Before applying for this volunteering project you need to enroll yourself at European Solidarity Corps Platform ( https://europa.eu/youth/solidarity_en ) and specify your European Solidarity Corps Participant number (PRN)!

where? – Palermo, Sicily

How long will the project last?  – 6 months (178 days + 2 traveling days)

Start date  – end of February/beginning of March 2023

Number of vacancies – 2

Deadline for submitting applications:  14th of December 2022

Coordinating and sending organization : Fundacja Rozwoju Społeczeństwa Przedsiębiorczego

Host organization: HRYO

How to apply?  Applications containing a CV and a cover letter in English should be sent by e-mail (email title: Application for the project: Picture it – Build Green Future) to khatuna.zabakhidze@frsp.eu

Volunteer activities:

Terra Franca as activity consists in the transformation of an old land confiscated from the Mafia; the land is located in the outskirts of the city of Palermo and our organization has been taking action and performing different activities since January 2019. The aim of this activity is to revolutionize this “no man’s land” into a multi-functional space that all the community/neighborhood can enjoy and benefit from it.

  • The task of the volunteers will be to clean the space from all the natural vegetation and rubbish that has been accumulated by years of inactivity and carelessness. In addition, planting and gardening to sustain the territory for future generations. Moreover, organizing special events on thematic days such as Earth Day, Environment Day, etc in order to bring awareness about environment and protection of the green shared places.
  • The volunteers will be included in the process of transformation of the space that started through the design of the place with a view to permaculture, and therefore the management and maintenance of the pond, greenhouse, apiary and vegetable garden. In addition to these, the volunteers will support the organization of the educational activities with kids/youngsters with the aim of raising awareness on the environmental issues.
  • Furthermore, a path of individual growth will bring change not only within our territory, but also within their respective contexts of origin, thanks to the know-how developed by participants. This is not only in connection with activities to criminal combat organizations, but also for the development of grassroots participatory processes aimed at community development in fact. Besides, you, as volunteers, will have enough space for proposing their own ideas, initiatives in line with the main goal of the Terra Franca project.
  • The tasks will be based in the participation in the realization of the practical activities, including the management and maintenance of the existing infrastructures such as the pond, greenhouse, apiary and vegetable garden, as well as the organization of space for the implementation of the cultural and educational activities (Besides the main project in Terra Franca, the volunteers may be asked to help in the organization and production of other events).

The main areas of work in Terra Franca are:

  • The pond: The aim of the pond is to bring a different biotope in Terra Franca, associated with our purposes of permaculture by attracting species that benefit the ecosystem. The volunteers take care of the pond and make sure it is ready to be used for learning activities destined to kids such as treasure hunting or listing species.

  • The greenhouse: It gathers multiple plant species that couldn’t thrive in Terra Franca without the comfort of the structure. It gives diversity to the plants that we can find in Terra Franca thanks to a constant humid climate that is preserved inside. As for the pond, the volunteers take care of the greenhouse and support its use for educational activities with kids with the aim of promoting diversity.

  • The bee hives: At the back of Terra Franca, there are three bee hives inhabited by bee colonies as well as other bee hives models, empty, which are used for educational purposes. It also has a “safe-space” cabin which is designed for therapeutic use. The volunteers help maintain the Bee hives and use them to show the visitors the functioning of different kinds of hives, teach them about the bees and their behavior. This activity is also useful to warn about the importance of the bees in the ecosystem and what everyone can do to play a part in their thriving.
  • The vegetable garden: It has been started recently as a part of our Community Development objective. It is a pilot project of “orto a lasagna” which is an interesting cultivation technique arisen from the reflections of permaculture. When the time comes, the volunteers will be involved in the cultivation, maintenance of the plants and harvesting.

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Who are we looking for

Young people in age 18-30 years old. The project participant should be flexible, adaptable with a good sense of initiative, creative and active candidate in love with nature and interested in active participation.

We are open to any person who wants to put him\herself out there, who is ready to face new challenges and gain new skills, meet new people, work with nature, travel and collect an unforgettable experience abroad.

Host Organization

Vision: „The Human Rights Youth Organization (HRYO) believes in a world governed by peace and mutual understanding. In our view, education is an essential aspect towards creating a reality that promotes and protects human dignity, equality and sustainability. As an organisation, we believe it is important to support local action and develop the potential of an individual human being, because small changes are the engine of the great process of transformation of society.”

Our Mission: „Our organization seeks to facilitate, through various means, the realization of human rights and to create an international network of organizations and individuals who actively contribute to their local context.”

What do we provide

  • CIGNA health insurance during your project;
  • Round-trip travel reimbursement (max. EUR 275);
  • Accommodation in a rented apartment in double, triple rooms;
  • Pocket money €150 monthly (€5 per day);
  • Food money €150 monthly;
  • Language course.

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Information on currently ongoing recruitments can be found at https://volo.frsp.eu/enrollments/ .