Wolontariat społeczno-kulturowy w Czechach

Wolontariat długoterminowy w Czechach FRSP

Fundacja Rozwoju Społeczeństwa Przedsiębiorczego ogłasza nabór na wolontariat społeczno-kulturowy w malowniczej miejscowości Česká Třebová w Republice Czeskiej. Szukamy osób, które chciałyby spędzić 12 miesięcy w organizacji The House of Children and Youth Friend.

Oferta wolontariatu skierowana jest w szczególności dla osób, które chciałyby zdobyć doświadczenie w pracy z dziećmi i społecznością lokalną oraz w organizacji wydarzeń kulturalnych oraz różnorodnych warsztatów.

CV oraz list motywacyjny w j.angielskim należy wysłać na adres . W tytule maila prosimy o wpisanie Aplikacja na wolontariat społeczno-kulturowy w Czechach

Organizacja wysyłająca: Fundacja Rozwoju Społeczeństwa Przedsiębiorczego
Organizacja przyjmująca: Dum Deti a Mladze Kamarad (The House of Children and Youth Friend)
Ile będzie trwał projekt? – 12 miesięcy (najwcześniej od 01/07/2021 – 01/07/2022)
Ilu nas będzie? – 2 osoby z Polski
Do kiedy prowadzony jest nabór? – 30 marca br.

Organizacja goszcząca

Dum deti a mladeze Kamarad (The House of children and youth Friend) is founded by town Ceska Trebova. It was established in order to provide education to children and youth in their leisure time. The organisation has 4 employees for full time and about 40 external leaders of workshops. We offer activities mainly for children and youth from 3 till 18 years old, but also some for adults. The organisation is interested in regular leisure time activities (about 70 workshops), it organizes irregular leisure time activities, holiday activities, competitions and exhibitions in the fields of sport, art, music, social sciences and natural sciences. We also manage exhibitions and performances in cooperation with the town hall (before Easter and Christmas time), where we exhibit the works of children from kinder gardens, schools and organisations of different fields of public life. During our activities we cooperate a lot with some organisations in our town such as library, museum, cultural centre, mother´s centre, school of art, basic schools, The red cross. We prepare performances for old people.
We cooperate with our town hall and the school for children with social problems. For already two years we have been successful with projects of Ministry of Internal Affairs concerning the children who are in danger of becoming social exclusion. On Fridays of several months we have been preparing leisure activities such as cooking, reading, theatre workshops and competitions.

Działania wolontariusza

The typical activities of our volunteers are: preparing material  (cutting, painting, copying) and activities for workshops, helping to organise exhibitions, language courses, activities for small children.
Examples of activities, that can be choosen:
– youth club for free time–There are activities for youth children for every week day. There are possible spend time together and play games.
– Music club – children learn to play musical instrument. According to the volunteer’s wish and abilities he can participate in these courses, to help with the work on an orchestral composition and preparation of children for concerts and performances.
– Sports games – activities of these clubs are swimming, skiing, skating, ball games, running, survival activities.
– Pottery workshop – to work with clay, to model, to glaze and then to bake in a ceramic furnace. Volunteer may propose objects which he/she will do with children and youth.
– Sikulka– in this workshop the leader develops the children’s sense of art and supports their creativity.
– Dancing workshop
– Activities for leasure time at the basic practical school; activities with old people at The Red Cross; activities with disabled people at The Center for Disabled.

+Irregular leisure time activities run during the entire year. For example: weekend trips, competitions, exhibitions, weekend activities, summer and winter camps… Below there are some examples of what the volunteer can do at these irregular events.
Carnival for children and youth – production of tickets, production of costumes, preparation of competitions, aids and participation in the carnival dressed as a character from a fairy tale.
Weekend trips – reservation of transport, accommodation, meal, preparation and leadership of moving activities during the stay.
During summer holidays, our organization’s operations are limited. Regular activities are not. The volunteer will take part in summer camps and activities with it. The volunteer will also visit our partner organizations
that are unlimited in the holidays.

W ramach wolontariatu zapewniamy:

We have very nice flat with two rooms and kitchen and toalet with bathroom together. This flat is near our organization max. 15 minutes by walk.

Our organisation will provide money to volunteers to buy their own food. During activities such as summer camps or weekend activities they will eat in a camp canteen. Money to buy food will receive a volunteer once a
month / – Food allowance: 150 Kč per day

Travel costs: 180 EUR (both ways)
Pocket money: 150 EUR/month
Language training
OLS on-line Czech language course from this project.
Insurance: CIGNA company

Profil wolontariusza

Volunteer profiles and recruitment process: We are open for all young people, who are interested in working with children, youngsters and adults. Our activities are for small children with their parents, mainly for children from basic schools, we try to start activities for youngsters who are at their twenties – European youth club. We have several music activities and so we will be pleased to have a volunteer who knows to play an instrument, but it is not the main condition. We organise clubs of cooking, workshops handy hands, theatre performances with and for small children.