Wolontariat społeczno-kulturowy na Maderze

Wolontariat społeczno-kulturowy na Maderze

Wolontariat społeczno-kulturowy na Maderze w Portugalii to zaakceptowany do realizacji wspólny projekt Fundacji Rozwoju Społeczeństwa Przedsiębiorczego i organizacji Associação Académica da UMa. Projekt otrzymał dofinansowanie z Polskiej Narodowej Agencji.

Host Organisation

The host of this project, University of Madeira Students’ Union. AAUMa is an organisation with international and multicultural remit and runs several projects each year. The volunteer’s role is crucial in supporting these initiatives which have a wide and cross-sectional  range of target groups: children, young people adults and elderly, both locals and visitors.

Volunteer’s tasks:
  1. Educational Visits

    the volunteers will contribute to the educational visits to University: spaces(laboratories in various areas as sports, chemistry, biology) and other attractions in Funchal.

  2. Umajuda

    This part of the project aim is to support disadvantaged kids and youngsters. This project has as an objective helping disadvantaged primary schools in the Autonomous Region of Madeira. It is a social program with the objective of enriching the libraries and toy libraries of R.A.M. and contribute with school and didactic material. To provide the best conditions to its students, those in the biggest need. To support material for students reflecting respect for the rights and duties of them. In the matter of civic education policies for youth.

  3. Sports Activities

    To plan sports activities as tournments in soccer („Troféu do Reitor” and „Torneio de Futebol de 7”),volleyball,among others;crosstraining;visit Madeira trough ”levadas”; implementation and development of new events related to physical and sport activities; promoting wellbeing and health care collaborating in the development of events such as conferences and seminars, and helping to develop.

  4. ”Et al.”MAGAZINE

    the volunteers will collaborate in activities as write texts for the magazine and for the site where they tell their experiences and expression of thoughts, feelings and opinions.

  5.  The environmental responsibility

    through the implementation and monitoring of sustainability policies within the University, the volunteer will collaborate in activities as awareness actions of the student community of the archipelago. To collect of paper consumption indicators and promotion of good.

  6. Students’ Help Desk

    the volunteers will learn about all the work realized in Students’ Help Desk, by helping in the copy center and other tasks related with students support through the face-to-face and remote attendance,all the revenue is reinvested in AAUMA’s social projects.In these tasks,the volunteer will always be accompanied by collaborators from AAUMa and will „learn by doing”.

  7. Erasmus+ and ESC promotion

    The volunteers will help to organize events to promote EC Programmes within the youth community.

Madeira,such as workshops and talks.The promotional activities are especially important in an ultra peripherical region of Europe like Madeira,where its residents face a degree of geographical isolation and therefore a restricted access to opportunities. Wolontariat społeczno-kulturowy na Maderze. Wolontariat społeczno-kulturowy na Maderze. 

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Oprowadzamy zagranicznych turystów po Funchal

The volunteers will receive pocket money in the amount of 150,00 euro at the beginning of every month.

AAUMa has an agreement with the Social Services of the University of Madeira, so volunteers will be accommodated in University Residence located in the center of Funchal.The University Residence was inaugurated in January 27, 2009 and presents an architecture which combines a welcoming atmosphere and modern equipments. There are 37 double rooms and 45 triple rooms. The rooms must be shared with other roommates of the same sex (mostly 3 people in one room). The Residence is a few minutes by walk from their working place. Volunteers will have free wi-fi in the University Residence. Volunteers will be responsible for the maintenance of the house, and they will have monthly check.)

Volunteers will get money to their food (only for the weekends). During the week volunteers will get lunch and dinner in the Residence Restaurant. HO will give them a portuguese bank account and will transfer the money. The volunteer at the end of the project will sign the statement that has received money and accomodation support.


All EVS volunteers will benefit of the health insurance in frame of Erasmus+ Programme (CIGNA), the signing of the contracts being done previous to the starting of the EVS service and respecting the actual laws and practice of the European Voluntary Service.



The amount of travel grant in both sides is 530,00 EUR in both ways per participant.


The volunteers in the project shall be between 17 and 30 years old. The volunteer that participate in this project will be living and working together with other EVS volunteers that do their service in Funchal, as well as with local volunteers, both male and female.

We are open for all of the candidatures, doesn’t matter age, but attitude of candidates. We want to have strongly motivated young people, who will be focused on the project’s objective, that do not turn up that it was only a momentary Portugal trip whim. We are going to not discriminate the volunteer by his/her gender, we will be objective in our choice if the motivation of them will be equal.