Wolontariat krótkoterminowy ESC w Portugalii

Wolontariat krótkoterminowy ESC w Portugalii to propozycja organizacji ADOC – Associação de Ocupação Constante oraz Fundacja Rozwoju Społeczeństwa  Przedsiębiorczego. Poszukujemy wolontariuszy do działań w mieście Braga, w Portugalii.

Zgłoszenia na wolontariat w Portugalii (CV i formularz aplikacyjny w języku angielskim) prosimy przesyłać na adres:

Formularz aplikacyjny do pobrania TUTAJ

W tytule wiadomości mailowej prosimy wpisać Uncover Your Potential at ADOC.

Termin nadsyłania zgłoszeń: 10 czerwca 2020

Organizacja goszcząca: ADOC – Associação de Ocupação Constante
Miejsce: Braga, Portugalia
Kiedy: wrzesień 2020 (30 dni)
Ilość wolontariuszy: 2 (na każdy z terminów)

Głównym celem projektu jest rozwój działań kulturalnych, obywatelskich i integracyjnych, dotyczących integracji społecznej osób o mniejszych szansach: migrantów / uchodźców, osób niepełnosprawnych. Zadaniami wolontariusza będzie między innymi ułatwianie włączania osób z mniejszymi szansami w społeczność lokalną poprzez ich uczestnictwo w działaniach związanych między innymi z kulturą.

Aktywności wolontariusza

The volunteers will be mostly engaged in such activities as:

– organising local events about the environment, human rights, inclusion, stereotypes, hate speech etc.,
– promotion of European opportunities and volunteerism (workshops, events)
– office work: creating posters, upload in our blog, promotion of the projects, events etc., digital skills: use of youtube, Instagram, twitter, facebook page and groups,
– promotion of intercultural dialogue, organisation of langage cafe, tandems, international days, and city game
– working with local youth on sensory garden
– painting/making graffiti, bug hostel construction and lake construction

Kogo szukamy?

Features that will be taken into account by each Host Organisation in the selection of
candidates for this project are:
– love of nature and protection of the environment
– enthusiasm, motivation to participate in our specific project
– appreciation in being useful
– enjoy communicating and learning new skills and competencies – interest to work in a team, tolerance towards difference
– being flexible, with a capacity to adapt to new and different situations and treating an obstacle as a challenge
– have good interpersonal communication, autonomy, sense of initiative and creativity
– have good knowledge about values and principles of ESC.

The volunteer shall be with fewer opportunities as short-term projects are addressed to such candidates. We are open especially to those young people who are dealing with such obstacles as:
1.Economical problems
– young people living low standards of living, earning not much
– long unemployed
– living poorly, alone or poorly because of family reasons
2.Geographical reasons
– youth from villages and regions located from cities offering more possibilities
– youth from problematic surroundings
– youth from less-developed areas (public transport, cultural and educational possibilities)
3.Social obstacles
– numerous families
– people discriminated because of genger, age, ethnical backgroud, religion and sexual orientation
– people in unsteady life situations
– orphans
4.Educational difficulties
– youth having problems at school
– youth that have not finished their school, no educational backgroud
– youth without any access to trainings etc.

or others.



Hostel with shared rooms with kitchen and bathroom available in the room (like a dormitory room).

Kieszonkowe i pieniądze na jedzenie

FOOD: 120 EUR/month, 80 EUR/month