Wolontariat krótkoterminowy ESC w Hiszpanii

Wolontariat krótkoterminowy ESC w Hiszpanii to propozycja Fundacji Rozwoju Społeczeństwa Przedsiębiorczego i hiszpańskiej organizacji Xeracion poszukującej wolontariuszy na projekt krótkoterminowy ESC w mieście Ferrol.

Zgłoszenia (CV i formularz aplikacyjny w języku angielskim) prosimy przesyłać na adres Formularz do pobrania TUTAJ. W tytule wiadomości mailowej prosimy wpisać Uncover Your Potential at Xeracion. 

Termin nadsyłania zgłoszeń: 07 lipca 2020

Organizacja goszcząca: ASOCIACION XERACION 
Miejsce: Ferrol, Hiszpania
Kiedy: 20/07/2020 – 20/08/2020
              20/07/2020 – 20/09/2020

* ze względu na zaistniałą sytuację z epidemią koronawirusa istnieje możliwość przesunięcia startu mobilności na datę późniejszą

Jako wolontariusze w organizacji Xeracion będziecie mogli zaangażować się w różne aktywności. Głównym celem projektu jest promowanie międzykulturowości w mieście Ferrol. Wprowadzając pozytywne zmiany w społeczeństwie, jednocześnie możecie podnieść swoje umiejętności i kompetencje w celu rozwoju osobistego, edukacyjnego, społecznego, obywatelskiego i zawodowego.


Aktywności wolontariusza

Depending on the profile of the volunteer Xeracion offers the following positions:

– Media Assistant: In this position the volunteer will learn different techniques of video recording. You will be able to edit videos professionally in Adobe Premiere and After Effects. You will perform interviews, reports, promotions and videoblog. You will discover the fundamentals of graphic design as well as different tools (Indesign, Canva) with which you will develop promotional material to publicize the various initiatives of the organisation.

– Language facilitator: Role with which the volunteer will have the opportunity to develop skills in both their native language and English. You will learn language teaching techniques based on non-formal education such as games, dynamics or theater. Acquire tools that allow you to organize the following workshops / events:
1) Language exchanges: weekly language exchanges in which conversation groups are organized in English, Spanish and, eventually, French, German and Italian.
2) English workshops. Organized in collaboration with the Club +60 of Afundación and soon the association ASCM. In them the volunteer supports three times a week to the realization of interactive lessons of English.
3) Speak Factor. Organization of the weekly oratory workshop in English in which the participants prepare and present presentations of maximum 4 minutes in order to gather feedback from the public.

– Art assistant: The volunteer will lend a hand in the initiative developed in 2018 by Xeración called Casa Creativa ( a combination of young art gallery, participatory atelier and artistic residence. Thus you will have the opportunity to discover / train / share various artistic techniques (visual, visual or scenic). It will also develop key skills related to public relations, content curation and event promotion.

Wolontarit w Hiszpanii

Kogo szukamy?

Features that will be taken into account by each Host Organisation in the selection of
candidates for this project are:
– love of nature and protection of the environment
– enthusiasm, motivation to participate in our specific project
– appreciation in being useful
– enjoy communicating and learning new skills and competencies – interest to work in a team, tolerance towards difference
– being flexible, with a capacity to adapt to new and different situations and treating an obstacle as a challenge
– have good interpersonal communication, autonomy, sense of initiative and creativity
– have good knowledge about values and principles of ESC.

The volunteer shall be with fewer opportunities as short-term projects are addressed to such candidates. We are open especially to those young people who are dealing with such obstacles as:
1.Economical problems
– young people living low standards of living, earning not much
– long unemployed
– living poorly, alone or poorly because of family reasons
2.Geographical reasons
– youth from villages and regions located from cities offering more possibilities
– youth from problematic surroundings
– youth from less-developed areas (public transport, cultural and educational possibilities)
3.Social obstacles
– numerous families
– people discriminated because of genger, age, ethnical backgroud, religion and sexual orientation
– people in unsteady life situations
– orphans
4.Educational difficulties
– youth having problems at school
– youth that have not finished their school, no educational backgroud
– youth without any access to trainings etc.

or others.



Fully equipped flat shared with other international volunteers and located in the city centre 5 minutes far from the office by walking.

Kieszonkowe i pieniądze na jedzenie

FOOD: 150€/month