Działania PR – wolontariat na Uniwersytecie Maderskim

Działania PR w ramach wolontariatu to zaakceptowany do realizacji wspólny projekt Fundacji Rozwoju Społeczeństwa Przedsiębiorczego i organizacji Associação Académica da UMa. Projekt otrzymał dofinansowanie z Polskiej Narodowej Agencji. Aktywności przewidują działania kulturalne, promocyjne oraz wspomniane PR.

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Termin nadsyłania zgłoszeń: 26.05.2019

Organizacja koordynująca i wysyłająca: Fundacja Rozwoju Społeczeństwa Przedsiębiorczego
Organizacja  goszcząca: Associação Académica da UMa
Miejsce działań: Funchal, Madera, Portugalia
Czas trwania aktywności: 10 miesięcy
Start aktywności: 1 lipiec 2020*
*oczywiście monitorujemy sytuację związaną z wirusem COVID-19. W razie potrzeby wyjazd będzie przesunięty na datę późniejszą.Bezpieczeństwo wolontariuszy jest dla nas najważniejsze.  

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The host of this project, University of Madeira Students’ Union, is an organisation with international and multicultural remit and runs several projects each year. The volunteer’s role is crucial in supporting these initiatives which have a wide and cross-sectional  range of target groups: children, young people adults and elderly, both locals and visitors.


Conferences, workshops,the soirees of music,exhibitions, the gatherings and many other events will be run. The volunteer will go through all the necessary steps to complete the action to ensure the interaction with the audience. As a member of the Department of Communication,the volunteer will have a role in every project developed by AAUMa.This includes all the sport activities,like levada walks,karting or football tournaments,in which the volunteer will not only prepare the promotion material for the public,like banners,flyers and posters, before the events take place but will also capture photos and videos of the events.

Other projects are our social projects: UMajuda, Nourishment Grand,Supply Scholarship and the To Read project.These are projects intended to help the community,the first one providing school supplies,books and other material to schools, and the others providing meals,school supplies and books for the university students. While the first one happens once per year on a different school,the other three take place throughout the whole year at the University of Madeira and several tasks have to be executed, like the design of banners, websites or videos related to these projects, as well as the capture of photos and videos.

Lastly, AAUMa develops other initiatives that happen,like the formation courses or the summer camp Doutorecos, for example. Volunteer will have to demonstrate creativity in prepration promotional materials to attract both parents and children to participate in the proposed activities about(e.g. music,dance,photography,theatre and literature workshops) Similarly to the projects described before, the role of the volunteer will be the same: preparing the informative material for the public, preparing the digital content and the printed content, and capturing photos and videos of the projects in course.
About all of those events volunteer will also prepare the summary in form of artciles which he/she will spread among Madeira Island by local media and communication channels which he/she deems as appropriate.

PR and promotion activities will allow to volunteer:

– plan PR strategy, tactics and actions;
– examine the target group and for this specific audience (depand on which activity are we talking about) prepare promotional materials;
– choose the objective/goal for which a particular promotional campaign he/she leads(e.g. attract people to an event/ find volunteers to help etc);
– examine the history and beauty of monuments as well as landscaping of Madeira Island and Funchal particulary;
– prepeare the content of message/advert/leaflet adapted to the recipient;
– use correct multimedia materials, selected for a specific target group. Differante type of photos/pictures have to have lefleats/
poster/booklet directed to kids, another to youth and much more differante adressed to tourists;
– prepare the whole campaigne of promotion,choosing places where materials should appear;
– choose informational channel (internet: social media, what kind of websites;local radio or television; local toruistic centers, etc)
– write articles after event


The volunteers will receive pocket money in the amount of 150,00 euro at the beginning of every month.

AAUMa has an agreement with the Social Services of the University of Madeira, so volunteers will be accommodated in University Residence located in the center of Funchal.The University Residence was inaugurated in January 27, 2009 and presents an architecture which combines a welcoming atmosphere and modern equipments. There are 37 double rooms and 45 triple rooms. The rooms must be shared with other roommates of the same sex (mostly 3 people in one room). The Residence is a few minutes by walk from their working place. Volunteers will have free wi-fi in the University Residence. Volunteers will be responsible for the maintenance of the house, and they will have monthly check.)

Volunteers will get money to their food (only for the weekends). During the week volunteers will get lunch and dinner in the Residence Restaurant. HO will give them a portuguese bank account and will transfer the money. The volunteer at the end of the project will sign the statement that has received money and accomodation support.


All volunteers will benefit of the health insurance in frame of Erasmus+ Programme (CIGNA), the signing of the contracts being done previous to the starting of the volunteering service and respecting the actual laws and practice of the European Solidarity Corps.


The amount of travel grant in both sides is 530,00 EUR in both ways per participant.


The volunteers in the project shall be between 18 and 30 years old. The volunteer that participate in this project will be living and working together with other volunteers that do their service in Funchal, as well as with local volunteers, both male and female.

We are open for all of the candidatures, doesn’t matter age, but attitude of candidates. We want to have strongly motivated young people, who will be focused on the project’s objective, that do not turn up that it was only a momentary Portugal trip whim. We are going to not discriminate the volunteer by his/her gender, we will be objective in our choice if the motivation of them will be equal.