Take me in Europe, wolontariat długoterminowy we włoskiej Apulii

Apulia help the teachers

Take me in Europe vol.3 to wspólny projekt Fundacji Rozwoju Społeczeństwa Przedsiębiorczego oraz InCo Association (Interculturality & Communication) z Włoch. Startujemy z naborem, więc to idealny moment dla osób, które chciałyby już teraz zaplanować swój pobyt na wolontariacie europejskim w drugiej połowie 2020 roku. Start? 01.09.2020. Projekt skierowany do wszystkich pomiędzy 18 a 30 rokiem życia, chcących wesprzeć organizację InCo jako ich super-wolontariusz!

Gdzie? – region Apulia, płd. Włoch / Miasta do wyboru: Molfetta, Bisceglie, Bitonto i Ostuni . Wszystkie lokalizację blisko stolicy Apulii, Bari.

W jakiej organizacji będę wolontariuszem? – InCo Association (Interculturality & Communication)

Ile będzie trwał projekt? – 10 miesięcy, 1/09/2020 – 01/07/2021

Ilu nas będzie? – 2 wolontariuszy z Polski

Do kiedy prowadzony jest nabór? –  31.05.2020

JAK ZAAPLIKOWAĆ? – Wyślij na adres swoje CV oraz list motywacyjny w języku angielskim. Tytuł wiadomości: „Wolontariat długoterminowy w Apulii”

O projekcie

InCo is ready for the third ESC annual partnership and has started to look for the future volunteers for 11 hosting projects .Hosting organizations are based in the cities of Molfetta, Bisceglie, Bitonto and Ostuni.InCo Association (Interculturality & Communication) is a non-profit organisation established in 2004 by a group of friends who wanted to develop international exchange, mutual understanding, and intercultural sensitivity inn youngsters.
InCo has the objective of furtherings international exchanges between youth, increasing and improving the level of contact among different cultures, stimulating intercultural sensibility and preventing and combating racism, prejudices and social exclusion.
The projects take place in Apulia Region. The projects in the schools last 10 month and start 1st of September 2020.

In this project are involved 11 hosting project like to work as a volunteer in : primary schools, secondary schools, high schools, work activity in InCo office regarding youth mobility, non-formal learning and EU cooperation, work activity in the municipality of Bitonto and more. You are the one who can choose the vacancy!
Click here and read more about InCo’s each destinations and placements.

Przykładowe działania wolontariusza

Proposed activities for volunteers
As a volunteer, you will have the chance to support the teachers and staff, enriching the daily activities
of the students. You can:
• take part of organization and promotion extracurricular activities: language workshops, sport and cultural activities, leisure and free time events, laboratory, trips and excursions, etc.
• get involved in several projects about formal and informal learning,
• support the staff and teachers to train their foreign language skill,
• promote the international dimension of each activity bringing your own culture and attitude,
• support students with fewer opportunity and disability during their daily school activities, such as: homework, physical activities, self-confidence, etc.,
• support all the students or those who would like to be thought foreign language conversation
and international project,
• support students who are going to graduate in orienteering,
• support teachers in their activities in International projects,
• teach about your own culture and the opportunity of mobility abroad for students.

The didactic plan aims at matching the need of giving technical and technological skills with the need
of helping students to become good citizens, in other words to help students to become not only good
technicians but also good (wo)men, who are aware of social problems and who have a proper civic consciousness.
Projects (such as volunteering on a European scale, the use of alternative energies, waste recycling,
journalism, sailing, scuba-diving, theatre, popular dances, creative music, home design and clothes
creative graphics) always have been a part of our extracurricular offer.

Zakwaterowanie/ Wyżywienie/ Kieszonkowe

As a volunteer, you will live in a flat together with other volunteers, close to the schools. The accommodation will be provided in double room with a shared bathroom and kitchen. The lodging choice will be always decided by the School or InCo and it is not possible for you to choose your own accommodation.
You can have your meals:
• At home, which is fully furnished with kitchen. In this case an additional amount of money of 150 euros will be provided.
• In case you are involved in an excursion, the hosting organization will provide food for you.

Opis kandydata

Requirements for participation:

  • Candidate should be over 18 years old and registered to the ESC portal;
  • Must be very motivated and committed to the voluntary activity;
  • Interested in the topic of the project;
  • A minimum B1 level of English. Knowledge of italian language is a plus

Organizacja InCo jest również dostępna na Instagramie, a wolontariusze w tej organizacji prowadzą również własnego bloga.