Filmowy wolontariat w Mołdawii

Wszystkich miłośników filmu zachęcamy do aplikowania na wolontariat zagraniczny w Kiszyniowie. W ramach projektu „Audiovisual Education in Chisnau” wolontariusz będzie pracował w OWH TV Studio, gdzie będzie zaangażowany w codzienne aktywności organizacji organizację festiwalu filmu dokumentalnego oraz prowadzeniu dla dzieci i młodzieży zajęć tematycznych związanych z produkcją filmową i mediami.

Zgłoszenia zawierające CV oraz list motywacyjny w języku angielskim (tytuł wiadomości: „Audiovisual Education in Chisnau”) należy przesyłać na adres

Termin nadsyłania zgłoszeń: 31.07.2019

Gdzie? – Kiszyniów, Mołdawia
Kto koordynuje? – Fundacja Rozwoju Społeczeństwa Przedsiębiorczego
W jakiej organizacji będę wolontariuszem? – OWH TV Studio
Ile będzie trwał projekt? – rok, 1 września 2019 – 30 sierpnia 2020
Ilu nas będzie? – 2 wolontariuszy z Polski

OWH Studio promotes the values of a democratic society using audio and video means. OWH Studio has more than 17 years of experience in promotion and communication. Composed of graduates from the Academy of Theatre and Film from Romania and other European Institutions, OWH Studio team takes active part in the mass media and cinema life of Moldova, offering a new and original expression of social events. OWH Studio was created in 1995.
At first, the studio was a laboratory where young TV producers and filmmakers had the possibility to develop their skills in the field of audio and video technologies. In time, the activities of the studio ceased to be limited to instructive projects for young producers and thus, a new professional environment was established, aiming at creating high quality TV production. The need to carry forward this effort became the basis on which the permanent OWH TV Studio’s team was created.

OWH Studio has produced documentaries, TV programs; video and audio advertising (social and commercial), music videos, aired on local and national TV stations. Our productions have participated and have been awarded in European film festivals. Our goals are discovering and using new audio and visual technologies, entering the international markets as an independent entity of video productions, creating TV and creative productions of highest quality, promoting the local productions abroad, promoting the cinematography in Moldova and instructing young people, children and professionals on TV and cinema production. Most of our projects combine the production with educative aspects, mainly based on the respect for human rights. We have proved experience in organizing and implementing social campaigns, cultural and promotional events, and extensive experience in working with national and international partners. Our development strategy includes three main directions: concept, production and education.

The project activities will be divided in two directions…

1. The first direction is formed by the activities implemented throughout the year, namely video productions and trainings on media/cinema for youngsters, workshops moving important topics like enviromental protection, culture heritage, socio-cultural context etc..  It is some kind of laboratory where youngsters who bind their proffesional future with TV producing and filmmaking. There they will have the possibility to develop their skills in the field of audio and video technologies and deepen also their knowladge in the topics important for European Citizen such as social problems or environmental issues, protection of our culture and traditions in times of globalization, to keep our own identity in common European Union heritage.

2. The second one is to organize international documentary film festival in Chisinau (IDFF CRONOGRAF) – at the moment the only international documentary film festival in Moldova. Being an NGO with a cultural profile, the mediums we work with are cultural organizations and state institutions in the capital and in the regions. The volunteers will have the opportunity to learn about cultural partnerships at local and international level. Our partners, clients or collaborators are part from the economic environment, human right organizations, state institutions and last but not least, part of the artistic medium of R.Moldova: actors, directors, musicians.

The work involved in order to organize the festival starts with 6 months before the event which takes place. During the festival together with EVS volunteers  we will “run” between the two basic locations of the festival: the studio and the theatre hall were the screenings take place and other venues – depending on the other events that are organized. During festival presented are documentary movies, move the subjects important for our times eg:
– slow disappearance of high culture, last year screening was short documentary about the crew of the Odeon Theater in Bucharest.
– environmental issues.

There will be provided:

  • Travel grant – 275,00 EUR
  • Pocket money / month – 90,00 EUR
  • Food money / month – 90,00 EUR
  • Room in a shared flat
  • Romanian language course

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