Wolontariat kulturalno – ekologiczny na Sycylii

Wolontariat kulturalno – ekologiczny „Let’s enjoy Sicily – The power of youth solidarity” jest wspólnym projektem naszej fundacji i włoskiej organizacji Associazione Culturale ENJOY SICILY, która ma swoją siedzibę i działa w Mesynie, na Sycylii we Włoszech.

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Jeżeli się zdecydujecie, będziecie mieli okazję działać kulturalnie i ekologicznie na największej wyspie Morza Śródziemnego. Na Wyspie Słońca, ponieważ w ciągu roku jest tu najwięcej godzin słonecznych w porównaniu z resztą Europy, będziecie również promować ideę wolontariatu.


JAK ZAAPLIKOWAĆ? – Zgłoszenia zawierające CV oraz list motywacyjny w języku angielskim prosimy przesyłać mailowo (tytuł maila: Let’s enjoy Sicily) na adres


The cultural association ENJOY SICILY born in 2011 as an informal group of young people who love their territory and willing to revitalize the local community by organizing cultural, sports and artistic activities for the benefit of all concerned. Since 2011 the group of Enjoy Sicily, made up of social educators, teachers, psychologists and fans of European policies, has carried out several projects for the promotion and dissemination of culture and European citizenship among young people. We participated in many international exchanges that allowed, in 5 years, more than 50 young people from the Messina area to live an integrating experience, unique and profoundly motivating. Enjoy Sicily was established as a formal cultural non-profit association in 2016 to continue our mission of promoting no formal education among young people using European and international mobility opportunities and methodologies.

Nowadays, our association offers training (use of social networks, personal brand, improve your CV and cover letter, search for a job in Europe, seek opportunities for international mobility, how to present a European project etc), for promoting the values European, non-formal education and development of personal skills among young people at risk of social exclusion. At the same time, we realize campaigns on social networks for the promotion of our country internationally and we work with various artistic associations, cultural, social and tourist attractions of the province of Messina. Our group is aware of the real needs of the territory in which it lives and wants to make his own experience to the community to contribute to its progressive development and improvement of the social context.


Through the volunteering projects and activities with volunteers we are willing to revitalize the local community by organizing cultural, sports and artistic activities for the benefit of all concerned. The volunteers are going to promote non formal education among young people through passing information about European and international mobility opportunities and methodologies


The volunteers tasks will be mainly in 3 areas:

1. Cultural activites:

a) „I’ll tell you the city. Walks to the city”: a tours of the city of VILLAFRANCA TIRRENA to teach about and recognize historical and architectural beauties of the city and region. the tours are dedicated to local inhabitants, kids and youngsters as well as foreign visitors.
b) Theatre workshop: scenic representation of the books and stories told.
c) English language courses for local inhabitants as well as for foreign interns.
d) Bookcrossing – to encourage more people to read books,exchange their opinions,time to meet with people and chat for a while in reality,time to develop interpersonal relationships important in times of virtual relations dominant.
e) help organization to attract vistors: organizing special events, italian dinners, polish cultural evenings,international evenings etc.
f) Intergenerational Reading Club: grandparents vs. grandchildren. The elders of the center will read books that the younger ones will choose and explain their meanings and terminology. Social inclusion of elderly-showing their need to be needed in communities as well as their tnecessity of transferring tradition, culture, knowledge and skills to younger generations.

2. Environmental education and activities:

a) Cours of gardening: take care of the green space of the youth aggregation center and help the little visitors of the center to discover the types of plants and vegetables, cultivate some and take care of the land.
b) Creative design: creative design course using waste and recycle materials, for the creation of collage and material paintings.
c) Environmental education course: Course in which the volunteers explain to young people attending the center, how to recycle, how to take care of the environment and public space, including beaches. In late spring, the young people of the center will clean up the beaches after the winter storms.
d) Cooking classes in the world – using the natural ingredients, healthy food and meals.

3. Information activities

a) Dissemination and promotion volunteering among school youth,students and alumni as a way of acquiring work experience and improve their employability. By providing workshops, presentations,lectures and social campaigns. Meeting in the local school: meeting with high school and university students to talk about our experience as European volunteers;
b) creating / updating a database of current Volunteering projects, youth exchanges, aborad trainings, internship projects, volunteering / cofinancing for own business in the area/ neighborhood to be able to present youngestes different offers;
c) Updating Social Networks and webpage including the weekly program of the youth centre;
d) Language courses for inhabitants (English and other languages known by volunteers, if possible/abvialable);
e) Prepare materials (lefleats,posters etc) and presentations in the local schools and visiting schools to present it during workshops about EC Programmes like Erasmus+, European Solidarity Corps and Volunteering projects.


  • Wolontariusze będą zakwaterowani w mieszkaniu wynajmowanym przez organizację włoską, mieszkanie wyposażone jest w kuchnię i łazienkę – mieszkanie jest w pełni wyposażone;
  • Każdemu wolontariuszowi przysługuje 275 euro na podróż tam i z powrotem;
  • Transport lokalny zostanie zapewniony;
  • 120 euro na jedzenie miesięcznie, przez wszystkie 10 miesięcy;
  • 150 euro kieszonkowego miesięcznie, przez wszystkie 10 miesięcy.