Wolontariat w nadmorskim Limassol

YOUTH INVOLVEMENT to wspólny projekt Fundacji Rozwoju Społeczeństwa Przedsiębiorczego i cypryjskiej organizacji Cyprus Youth Clubs Organisation KOKEN . Poszukiwany wolontariusz do udziału w projekcie wolontariatu zagranicznego w Limassol na Cyprze.

Zgłoszenia zawierające CV oraz list motywacyjny w języku angielskim prosimy przesyłać na adres oraz W tytule wiadomości prosimy wpisywać: „Volunteering in KOKEN”.

Termin nadsyłania zgłoszeń: 05.05.2019

Miejsce: Limassol, Cypr
Organizacja wysyłająca: Fundacja Rozwoju Społeczeństwa Przedsiębiorczego
Organizacja koordynująca i goszcząca: Cyprus Youth Clubs Organisation KOKEN
Daty aktywności: 15.05.2019 – 14.11.2019
Ilość wolontariuszy: 1

Kilka słów o organizacji…

Cyprus Youth Clubs Organisation (KOKEN) is the coordinating body of 100 Youth Clubs in Cyprus with more than 8000 members in urban and rural areas of the Republic of Cyprus. The main aim of KOKEN is to offer opportunities to young Cypriots to develop their skills and attitudes and to promote active participation in local, national and international level.

KOKEN supports permanent and periodic activities of the youth clubs in the following fields: sports, culture, non- formal education, European projects, health prevention, human rights, environment and volunteering. We have solid experience in the implementation of various European projects in the past years. We have implemented Youth in Action projects, Grundtvig project and we have participated in various projects abroad as well. The impact of our activities and projects reaches almost every corner of the Republic of Cyprus because of the number of youth clubs and the network of partner organisations.

O projekcie…

Theme: “Youth Involvement” is going to be an educational project clearly aiming at disseminating certain skills and awareness about Youth Work among the members of the Youth Clubs but also embracing cultural awareness with young children.

Short Description: Young people can always be a valuable part of an organization; especially when it comes to new ideas and practices. Through this program the volunteers will have the chance to be involved with young people from urban and rural areas as well as learning more about our organization and its actions.In Addition, we create new cooperation’s with a community center with vulnerable children where participants will be able to interact with young children.  They are going to offer their knowledge and experience, enjoy the moment, and at the same time they will improve their personal and professional skills.


The volunteers will support local volunteers who are familiar with the specific local needs, such as youth leaders and young volunteers. Volunteers will be working mostly at the office and will produce informational material about the Esc Project. They will also support the European Projects Manager in certain tasks as communication, events, implementation of educational programs, facilitating events, promoting Erasmus+, promoting the EU values, key priorities and opportunities when needed.

Moreover, they will volunteer in a community day care center with vulnerable children. They would offer (with our guidance) activities and workshops promoting their cultural awareness to the children. The workshops will be focused in volunteer’s personal interest such as music crafts, sports, games, teambuilding activities etc.

Personal project: The volunteers will be encouraged and supported by the organization to launch and implement an innovative personal idea that will also remain as a model and best practice results for the future volunteers, contributing to the dissemination and results exploitation.

Working Language: The communication language in the office and ESC house is English. Greek lessons will be provided for free to the non- Greek speaking volunteers via the online linguistic support system of ERASMUS+.

Working hours and days off: 6 hours per day, 5 days per week, two consecutive days off per week (Saturday and Sunday) and 2 days holiday per month for the duration of the project.

Zakwaterowanie, podróż, pieniążki
  •  €275 refund for travel from Poland to Cyprus
  • Monthly allowance of €110
  • Food allowance of €120 and €40 will also be offered for your transportation fees