Wymiana młodzieżowa w Gruzji

„Me, you, us” to wspólny projekt Fundacji Rozwoju Społeczeństwa Przedsiębiorczego i gruzińskiej organizacji MasterPeace. Poszukujemy czterech uczestników, którzy wezmą udział w wymianie jako reprezentacji grupy polskiej.

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Termin nadsyłania zgłoszeń: 20.03.2019

Miejsce: Bakuriani, Gruzja
Organizacja wysyłająca: Fundacja Rozwoju Społeczeństwa Przedsiębiorczego
Organizacja przyjmująca: MasterPeace
Daty aktywności: 06.05.2019 – 15.05.2019
Ilość uczestników: 4


ME, YOU, US is a youth exchange focusing on giving young people a chance to get a better understanding of cultural diversity and increasing their sense of sensitivity and tolerance. We want to create a space where people can exchange ideas, challenge their views, embrace the differences between them and focus on finding and appreciating the similarities. After the project we would like our participants to see cultural diversity as a chance instead of a threat.


– Preventing radicalization of young people’s attitudes by giving them a chance to reflect upon topics such as difference, likeness, identity, inclusion
– Challenging participants views based on stereotypes by exploring the concept of „unique personal
– Creating a booklet on diversity and youth that can serve as a useful tool for other organizations
across Europe


– Age 18-25
– Able to communicate in English
– Motivated to explore new ideas and methods
– Young people interested in discovering new cultures
– Ready to share their personal stories
– Participants are coming in groups of five people per country (4 young people + 1 group leader)


The project will take place in Bakuriani, which is a resort town around 180 km from Tbilisi, the Georgian capital. Bakuriani is located in the mountains (around 1700 km above the sea level), so there are many places to have a walk/hike.
We will stay at the Ritza hotel which is fully equipped to host international projects with appropriate equipment, working spaces and leisure time activities. You will be sharing a double or triple room with people of the same sex, each room has one bathroom. There are towels and bed linen in the hotel. Internet is available in/around the training.
We will have meals three times a day. We made preparations and arrangements with the hotel for those of you who are vegetarian/vegan/allergic/have other dietary needs, but please make sure you did write this specifically to us before the project.
All the costs related to accommodation and meals are covered by the project.
Weather in May in Georgia tends to be warm with the average temperatures around 10-15 degrees in the day and 3-6 in the night.
As Bakuriani is a mountainous please bring comfortable shoes and warm clothes.


Before you come to Georgia we will ask you to do some warm-up tasks in your country groups. Each team should prepare the following:
– One game that you typically play in your country when you are a child. This can be any outdoor/indoor game – the only requirements is that it cannot last longer than 30 minutes. Fore the games please fill out the template (ask your group leader for it) and send it back to us minimum one week before the youth exchange.
– Intercultural evening: apart from bringing foods and drinks please provide a small intro about your country. This should not be longer than 20 minutes. While preparing this try to get creative and NOT use power points or Youtube promotional videos.
– At least one idea per country that you want to do as an optional workshop for other participants. This
can be anything – teaching language, dancing, singing etc.For this please also use the template that we
have sent to your group leader.
Apart from the group tasks, each of you individually should take a picture of your favorite
place/object/something that you like about your culture.Please print it and bring it with you to the youth exchange.


For coffee breaks we would like to ask you to bring some sweets and snacks from the country you live in, so that we can also have a little cultural sharing while eating.


Please keep in mind that you are responsible for arranging your health insurance for the time you will be in Georgia. Remember that if you need doctor’s assistance and you do not have health insurance we will not be able to reimburse the costs of it.


National currency in Georgia is Lari (GEL) and its value in euro is about 2.90 lari to 1 euro but it would be good for you to check the exact rate before you departure as its changing. Payments everywhere in Georgia are accepted only in national currency. The best currency for exchanging is EUR.
You will have the chance to exchange money in Tbilisi on the day of your arrival. It is also possible to do it in Bakuriani. Most of the shows in the town accept credit cards as well.


Your travel costs is the money you spend for the transportation on your way to Georgia. This means your air ticket, bus/train tickets to get to your own country and bus tickets to get from the airport to Tbilisi. Please remember that we are not able to reimburse your travel by taxi or your own car, only public transportation.
You need to buy your own tickets before the project and the cost will be reimbursed to you after the youth exchange (providing you send us all the travel documents requested and fulfill all the tasks for participants, such as dissemination activities and your individual report in the mobility tool).
The maximum amount of money per participant we will reimburse you – Poland: 330 EUR.
1. The amount of money is based on the distance between Bakuriani and the city where your sending organization is based. It is possible to travel from another location but it might mean that your reimbursement will be lower (that is why it is important that you send us the flights proposal before you buy it so that we can discuss the details)
2. As you might know, the Erasmus+ travel lump sum is a bit higher than we stated here. This is because we are deducting 30 EUR per person to organize your travel from Tbilisi to Bakuriani and back.

As we mentioned, you are responsible for finding and buying your flight to Georgia yourself. We recommend you to fly to Tbilisi, but in case the tickets are very expensive we also recommend you to check the connections to Kutaisi operated by Wizzair (this is especially good for people travelling from Germany, Poland, Austria and Spain). You need to be in Georgia between May 6 (arrival day) and May 15 (departure day).