Wolontariat z osobami starszymi w Chorwacji

YOUTH FOR ELDERS to projekt chorwackiej organizacji Youth Peace Group Danube we współpracy z FRSP. Poszukujemy dwóch wolontariuszy na zaakceptowany projekt w Vukovar, Chorwacji. Zainteresowanych prosimy o przesłanie CV oraz listu motywacyjnego w języku angielskim na adres

Termin nadsyłania zgłoszeń: 20.03.2019

Miejsce: Vukovar, Chorwacja
Organizacja koordynująca i wysyłająca: Fundacja Rozwoju Społeczeństwa Przedsiębiorczego
Organizacja przyjmująca: Youth Peace Group Danube
Daty aktywności: 01.04.2019 – 30.09.2019
Ilość wolontariuszy: 2

YPGD is a non-profit, non-governmental organization, which promotes civil and democratic society based on a culture of non-violence, tolerance, and respect for human rights.
The goal of the organization is to promote work of the youth and emancipation of individualism and personal libraries.

PROGRAM I (ALTERNATIVE CULTURE): concerts, music workshops, theatre, visual arts workshops, video/photo, artistic, dancing, comic book workshops, exhibits, bulletins/fanzines
PROGRAM II (EUROPEAN INTEGRATION): European Integration promotional campaigns, European Solidarity Corps, Cross-border cooperation campaigns (programs and initiatives between NGO’s of our neighbouring countries)
PROGRAM III (VOLUNTEERISM AND ACTIVISM): Volunteer camps program, Promotion of volunteerism and activism in the community, National and international volunteer exchanges, Youth Mobility
PROGRAM IV (EDUCATION/INFORMATION): Youth club, Music studio ; “Info desk” (Youth Service), Computer course, Foreign language courses, Info on self-employment, LEGO® Robotics, Education and logistics for children, youth

Project „Youth for elders“ aim is to enable development and gaining new knowledge, skills and competencies of young volunteers by helping elderly and disabled people and people with disabilities in Vukovar and activities for young people and ensure better social life of the elderly and in same time improve social inclusion of elderly people , raising awareness of the immediate and wider surrounding and in particular the young people of the needs for social inclusion, and to provide direct assistance to elderly and disabled people and people with disabilities.
The idea is to socially include elderly people from Vukovar with young people by organizing various activities for elderly people, that would be implemented by young people and thereby promote intergenerational solidarity. It is very important to encourage young people to be more socially conscious and socially involved through various forms of assistance to elderly and disabled people, to encourage volunteering, through participation in the work with the elderly, through social activities and thus through volunteering develop the skills necessary for the labour market of young people (responsibility, accuracy, sensitivity, communication skills, entrepreneurial spirit, develop a sense of value) and solidarity, which would have impact on the volunteers as well as on partner organizations to implement similar projects in their communities, or include volunteers in follow up activities after return or some other way and to ensure the competences for 2 volunteers.
Main activities:
– House assistance for the elderly and disabled,
– Social activities for the elderly and persons with disabilities;
– Social activities for local community; Promotion of opportunities for young people
– Participation in organizing the events and promotional activities for young people;
– Intercultural evenings;
– Personal project- every volunteer will develop their own project in order to gain competences to be able to conduct activities, develop creativity and leadership skills.
Volunteers in the implementation of these activities would have help from staff and local volunteers, and mentors assist in the learning process; The project would: improve the quality of life of elderly people and people with disabilities, and young people in Vukovar; strengthen social cohesion in the community, improve the knowledge and skills of young people to work with the target group – 2 volunteers, Increase creativity; Higher awareness of young people about the opportunities for young people – education, exchanges, training, camping, volunteering – Through implemented creative workshops and workshops strengthened competencies and knowledge and experience of young people; Prevented social exclusion and marginalization of elderly, powerless, disabled and young and given contribution to intergenerational solidarity.

Helping elderly people in everyday life (doing small repairs and cleaning, painting etc.)
• Connect young volunteers (local and international) with elder people through organised joint meetings (cooking, exchange of recipes, playing social games, discussions, companionship and creative workshops)
• Promotion of opportunities for young people – Participation in organizing the events and promotional activities for young people;- promotion ESC and Erasmus + programme
• Organisation of activities in order to increase knowledge about different cultures, societies and languages from countries volunteers came from and other countries (intercultural evenings) for elderly people and youth
• Development of personal project according to own interest and project aims – each EVS volunteer will develop own personal/individual activity within their EVS in order to develop competences to directly lead activity, develop creativity and leadership skills. EVS volunteers will get help in implementation of these activities from staff and volunteers and mentor will supervise and help in learning process.
Volunteers will use different technologies in their work to disseminate results and project and activities visibility (video, photo, articles/news) and tools for information, develop and design brochures, flyers, presentations, editing photos and movies

Volunteers will be hosted in a house, sharing room in center of Vukovar. There are 2 beds in every room, bathroom, kitchen and living room. The towels, sheets and blankets are provided but you are welcome to bring your own if wanted.
Wifi available in the house.

The volunteers will receive monthly allowance for food in amount of 180,00 euro in Croatian kuna (HRK) by the 5th of each month and be responsible for own cooking and preparation of meals.

Each month, the volunteer will receive pocket money in amount set by Erasmus+ program guide to the standards of living in Croatia in amount of 155 euro in HRK by the 5th of each month. ( 5 euros per day)

Travel costs are fully covered and according to Erasmus+ Program ( 275 euros). The purchase of tickets will be made in agreement between volunteer, Sending and Hosting organization and after approval from Hosting organization.

Volunteers would be signed to Cigna insurance. However, European health Insurance card must be required to the volunteer.

A Youthpass will be issued by Youth Peace Group Danube

Three people will be selected as support to the volunteer:
a) Mentor, who will give personal support to the volunteer, work on learning outcomes and be the link between organization and volunteers if necessary
b) 2 Supervisors of the activities in charge of keeping all things related to the tasks of the volunteer during the project
c) Project manager – coordinator, responsible for administrative issues and overall project performance langauge – OLS course and lessons in our organization.